UAE Golf Online Digital Golf Magazine issue 1

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UAE Golf Online released the first version of our digital magazine in 2010 which was a unique mix of the latest technology and creative ideas, here is an the outline of Issue 1 in its original format, the issue is no longer live, you missed it... :-(


"Earth Calling" - Inside Issue 1 of UAE Golf Online

As part of our Digital expansion to the website, we have our unique, interactive UAE Golf Online golf Videozine.

But before you turn away, it is much more than another average flip book digital magazine, take a look and you will see...

Issue 1 of UAE Golf Online is here.
The beginning of our Digital Magazine journey into UAE Golf.
In this Issue we had some special content including a behind the scenes look at the First Dubai World Championship..Enjoy


How the Westwood Won:
Special Reports on Lee Westwood winning the first Dubai World Championship
Dubai Ladies Masters Report:
Video Interview with the Executive Director of the Ladies European Tour.
Plus regular features - Under the spotlight, Tee break.

We look forward to evolving and streamlining the magazine further over the coming years, thank you for your support and visits, please spread the word. Much More to come from us at UAE Golf Online.

Lots more video interviews, competitions and much more for your perusal

ISSUE EXPIRED :-( This was a good issue