UAE Digital Golf Course Guide

UAE Golf Online released several issues of our digital magazine which were a unique mix of the latest technology and creative ideas, here is an the outline of the original release that was an interactive guide to all the Golf Courses in the UAE  in its original format, the issue is no longer live, you missed it... :-(


The Digital UAE Golf Course directory Issue 1

Apart from all the UAE Golf content on the website dedicated to UAE Golf, we thought you deserve more!!
Part of our Digital series of UAE Golf guides, we also now have our unique, interactive UAE digital Golf brochure which is the complete information Guide for you to view on all the United Arab Emirates Golf courses.

Interactive pages, videos, animations and maps for your perusal.


We look forward to evolving and streamlining the our digital side further over the coming years and thank you for your support and visits, please spread the word. Much More to come from us at UAE Golf Online.

Lots more video interviews, competitions and much more for your perusal

ISSUE EXPIRED :-( This was a good issue