About the UAE Golf Online Website

UAE Golf Online was created for several reasons, some of them obvious and others not so. It was partly born out of a belief that an online service was missing to showcase what the Emirates have to offer in terms of Golf.

The United Arab Emirates in the world of Golf is one of the most unique, spectacular and must visit Golfing destinations in the world today.

The UAE currently has some great Golf courses carved within the dunes and you can have an amazing Golfing experience in the UAE. Whether your are working in the region, living here or holidaying staying at some of the superb hotels, there is a cluster of great Golfing experiences to be had, in fact it is a Golfers paradise on many levels.

If you are looking for Championship Golf Courses, Links Golf, Beach Golf, Sand Golf Courses or 9 Hole Golf Courses the UAE has a bit of everything with service to match. You also cannot discount some of the superb Golfing facilities throughout many of the Golf Courses including ranges, academies and F + B outlets.

Not only would you be content on the playing side of Golf, you can then throw into the equation a large selection of Golf events on all levels including European Tour sanctioned tournaments and you have an amazing mix of Golf all year round.

The websites main aims are to promote the UAE region globally as a Golfing destination via our own unique look using latest news, information, interviews and more creating a UAE Golfing Magazine for players and Golf fans alike. We hope you enjoy the content we have on the website so far and we are always looking at new ways of expanding and using content. If you have a UAE Golf related story or you know anyone who may want to be featured, please get in contact.

Currently 4 of the 7 Emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al Khaimah or Sharjah have a mixture of different Golf courses and varied Golfing facilities.
If you are a non golfer or non UAE based, don't worry we hope you will find plenty of other useful Information for you throughout the site.

The UAE Golf Online brand is going to expand so look out for all our updates both through the website and on some of our social networks, so we look forward to your participation.

There is lots more to come and we appreciate your support, thank you for your visit, if you have any questions, suggestions or business enquiries on how we can work together please contact us.

Happy UAE Golfing!

UAE Golf Online Editor